witcher 3 console commands

Debug Console Commands

So to permit the console control cheats you need to head to ‘The Witcher 3’ directory and then locate the ‘general.ini’ file and then insert the line ‘DBGConsoleOn=true’ (without the quotes) directly below the current lines. Save the document and launch this match. Should you press on the ‘~’ (tilde) key during gameplay you brings the console up at which you’ll likely be ready to type these codes (minus the qootes’ to enable the corresponding result.
Activate Night Vision:
Type ‘Cat(1)’

Add any Specified Item and Quantity to Inventory. Also Works for Gwent Cards:
Type ‘additem (name, #)’

Add Crowns:
Type ‘addmoney (#)’

Adds One of ALL Gwent Cards to Deck:
Type ‘addgwintcards’

Adds Specified Amount of Experience Points:
Type ‘addexp (#)’

Deactivate Night Vision:
Type ‘Cat(0)’

Discover ALL Map Icons:
Type ‘ShowPins(1)’

Discover ALL Signposts:
Type ‘ShowAllFT(1)’

Grow Beard:
Type ‘setbeard(1)’

Increase Player Level by 1:
Type ‘levelup’

Type ‘god’

Kill ALL Enemies:
Type ‘killall’

Learn any Skill Desired. Re-entering Command will Increase Skill Level:
Type ‘learnskill (skill)’

Play a Round of Gwent:
Type ‘secretgwint’

Play as Ciri:
Type ‘Ciri’

Play as Geralt:
Type ‘Geralt’

Refill HP:
Type ‘healme’

Remove Crowns:
Type ‘removemoney (#)’

remove Facial Hair:
Type ‘shave’

Set Player Level to any Level Desired:
Type ‘setlevel (#)’

Spawn any Specified NPCs:
Type ‘spawn (name, #)’

Starts Rainstorm:
Type ‘makeitrain’

Stops Rainstorm:
Type ‘stoprain’

Teleport to Kaer Morhen:
Type ‘gotoKaerMorhen’

Teleport to Novigrad:
Type ‘gotoNovigrad’

Teleport to Skellige Isles:
Type ‘gotoSkellige’

Teleport to White Orchard:
Type ‘gotoPrologWinter’

Teleport to White Orchard:
Type ‘gotoProlog’

Win Current Gwent Game with Specified Number of Points:
Type ‘winGwint(#)’

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