subnautica scanner room

The Scanner Room Can Be a Seabase module. It’s assembled with the Habitat Builder, was created to map the terrain of Biomes via compacted Camera Drones to scan the setting and also to find tools in its area. All these drones could be manipulated by hand.

Hatches, Compartments, (eg Basic Compartment), along with Windows can be Added to the Scanner Room.

Four Upgrade Module slots is found to the right side of this camera , together with a mini-fabricator.

The participant should locate three fragments to Unlock the Scanner Room’s blue-print.

In case Your Scanner Room is assembled within a Un Powered Seabase, it won’t function.


Inorder to utilize the Scanner Room, the participant Must visit the camera channel, which triggers the drones. After tripping the camera drones is going to soon be controllable, and will be utilised to float round the ecosystem and map the terrain. Drones have boundless selection. Despite this they find fuzzy around 300 m and have dark around 600m. Additional drones might be assembled but only two could control in the Scanner Room. They could, nevertheless, be discharged by Stalkersthat will pick up them and down to them.

The Scanner Room may even scan for local Resources, differentiating them because red blips in the fundamental hologram. It’s a foundation Scanning assortment of 300 meters along with maximum of 500 meters. The scanner may simply search For a single resource type in one time and it has a base period of two minutes, however The searching rate and scope can be raised to just take 2 minutes at maximum with That the Scanner Room Range Upgrade along with Scanner Room Speed Upgrade; you also are able to have A lot of exactly the exact same upgrade inside the scanner room to further expand the speed and range more. Additional a HUD updateEnables the participant to determine in which the Scanner has recognized the tools in a comparable manner to indicate apparatus When built from the processor slot of this paper doll.

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