Silicon rubber, Fibre mesh & Lubricant – Subnautica Guide

This is really a Subnautica crafting guide which I designed for myself. I’ve got foundations in Many areas rather than All my crafting apparatus Have reached precisely the exact same base. I accumulated the recipes out of a mix of composing down as I moved looking up things from different sources. Please make me a comment if Whatever has to be upgraded or you’ve found recipes which do not appear here. Thankyou!

Fabricator Recipes

Basic Materials:

Titanium: Metal Salvage
Titanium Ingot: Titanium (x10)
Fiber Mesh: Creepvine Sample (x2)
Silicon Rubber: Creepvine Seed Cluster (X2)
Glass: Quartz (x2)
Bleach: Salt Deposit, Common Coral Sample
Lubricant: Creepvine seed cluster (x2)
Magnesium: Salt Deposit (x3)
Enameled Glass: Stalker Tooth, Glass
Plasteel Ingot: Titanium Ingot, Lithium

Advanced Materials:

Benzene: Blood oil (x3)
Synthetic Fibers: Benzene, Fiber Mesh
Uranium: Uraninite Crystal (x3)


Copper Wire: Copper ore(x2)
Battery: Acid Mushroom (x2), Copper ore
Powercell: Battery (x2), Silicon Rubber
Computer Chip: Table Coral Sample (x2), Silver Ore, Quartz
Wiring Kit: Silver ore (x2)
Advanced Wiring Kit: Gold (x2), Computer Chip
*Reactor rod: Uranium, Lead, Titanium


O2 Tank: Titanium (x4), Glass
Fins: Silicon Rubber (x2)
Radiation Suit: Fiber Mesh (x2), Lead (x2)
Still Suit: Fiber Mesh (x2), Silver ore (x2)
First Aid Kit: Bleach, Fiber Mesh
Rebreather: Wiring Kit, Fiber Mesh
Pipe (x5): Titanium (x3)
Compass: Magnetite, Computer Chip
Thermometer: Computer Chip


Scanner: Titanium (x2), Battery
Welder: Magnesium, Crash Powder, Titanium
Flashlight: Battery, Glass
Survival Knife: Titanium, Silicon Rubber
Dive Reel: Creepvine Sample (x5), Titanium
Air Bladder: Silicon Rubber (x2), Airsack
Flare (x3): Crash Powder
Habitat Builder: Computer Chip, Battery
Laser Cutter: Battery, Diamond, Titanium
*Stasis Rifle: Advanced Wiring Kit, Battery, Titanium
*Terraformer: Advanced Wiring Kit, Battery
*Propulsion Cannon: Advanced Wiring Kit, Battery, Titanium
*Lightstick: Battery, Titanium, Glass


*Sea Glide: Battery, Lubricant, Copper Wire, Titanium
*Mobile Vehicle Bay: Titanium Ingot, Lubricant, Power Cell
Beacon: Copper Wire, Titanium
Current Generator: Battery, Lubricant, Titanium
Water Proof Locker: Titanium (x3)
Gravsphere: Battery (x2), Battery, Copper Wire

Modification Station

Hardened Blade: Survival Knife, Diamond
Thermoblade: Survival Knife, Battery
Plasteel Tank: O2 Tank, Lithium
High Capacity Tank: O2 Tank, Titanium (x2)
Ultra Glide Fins: Fins, Silicone Rubber (x2)
Swim Charge Fins: Fins, Wiring Kit
Repulsion Cannon: Propulsion Cannon, Computer chip
*Ultra Hull Reinforcement Module: Cyclops Pressure Compensator, Plasteel Ingot (x10), Aluminum Oxide Crystal
*Pressure Compensator MK2: Seamoth Pressure Compensator, Plasteel Ingot (x2), Aluminum Oxide Crystal, Computer chip
*Pressure Compensator MK3: Seamoth Pressure Compensator MK2, Plasteel Ingot (x3), Aluminum Oxide Crystal, Computer Chip
Lithium Ion Battery: Battery, Lithium

Habitat Builder Recipes

Habitat Compartments:

Hatch: Titanium (x2), Glass
I Corridor: Titanium (x2)
L Corridor: Titanium (x2)
T Corridor: Titanium (x2)
X Corridor: Titanium (x2)
Window: Glass (x2)
Reinforcement: Lithium, Titanium (x2)
Foundation: Titanium (x4)
Ladder: Titanium (x2)
I Glass Corridor: Glass (x2)
L Glass Corridor: Glass (x2)
Multi Purpose Room: Titanium (x6)
Vertical Connector: Titanium (x2)
Bulkhead: Titanium (x2), Silicon Rubber (x2)
Alien Containment: Titanium, Glass (x4)
*Water Filtration Machine: Titanium (x2)
*Observatory: Enameled Glass (x3)
*Moon Pool: Titanium Ingot (x4), Lubricant (x4), Advanced Wiring Kit
*Scanner Room: Enameled glass, Titanium (x3), Computer Chip (x2)
*Seamoth Modification Station: Titanium (x2), Glass, Computer Chip (x2)
Living Wall: Titanium


*Solar Panel: Titanium (x2), Quartz (x2)
*Bioreactor: Titanium (x4), Lubricant
*Power Transmitter: Gold, Titanium
*Nuclear Reactor: Titanium Ingot (x2), Lead (x3), Lubricant
*Thermal Plant: Titanium Ingot, Magnetite (x2), Lubricant


Communications Relay: Titanium (x2)
Aquarium: Titanium (x2), Glass
Fabricator: Titanium (x2), Wiring Kit, Computer Chip
Locker: Titanium (x2), Glass
Wall Locker: Titanium (x2), Quartz
Sign: Copper Wire
Medical Kit Fabricator: Titanium (x5), Quartz (x5)
Picture Frame: Copper Wire
*Modification Station: Titanium (x2), Wiring Kit, Computer Chip
*Battery Charger: Titanium (x2), Glass, Copper Wire, Computer Chip
Plant Pot: Titanium
Indoor Growbed: Titanium (x2)
*Power Cell Charger: Titanium (x2), Glass, Copper Wire, Computer chip
*Fragment Analyzer:Titanium (x2), Wiring Kit, Computer Chip
*Flood Light: Titanium (x2), Glass
*Specimen Analyzer: Titanium (x2), Wiring Kit, Computer Chip


Desk: Titanium
Trash Cans: Titanium (x2)
Vending Machine: Titanium (x2), Glass
Lab Trash Can: Titanium (x2)
Bar table: Titanium, Glass
Lab Counter: Titanium (x2)
Chair: Titanium
Bed: Titanium (x3)


Mobile Vehicle Bay Recipes

*Seamoth: Titanium Ingot x 1, Power cell x 1, Glass x 2, Lubricant x1
*Cyclops: Plasteel Ingot x 5, Enameled Glass x 5, Advanced Wiring Kit x1, Lubricant x 2

Seamoth Modification Station

Pressure Compensator (Mark 1): Computer chip, Plasteel Ingot
Power Efficiency Module: Computer chip
Seamoth Solar Charger: Titanium, Quartz, Computer chip
Storage Module: Titanium (x3)
Seamoth Perimeter Defense System: Advanced Wiring Kit
Torpedo System: Magnetite, Computer Chip
Seamoth Sonar: Advanced Wiring Kit
Hull Reinforcement: Titanium (x2)
*Exosuit Thermal Reactor: Titanium, Magnetite, Advanced Wiring Kit
*Exosuit Drill Arm: Titanium (x2), Computer Chip
*Exosuit Jump Jet Upgrade: Aluminum Oxide Crystal, Plasteel Ingot
*Propulsion Cannon for Exosuit: Titanium (x3), Computer Chip
Seamoth Vortex Torpedo (x3): Titanium (x2)
Seamoth Gas Torpedo (x3): Titanium (x2), Gas pod (x2)


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