pillars of eternity console commands

Employing the Console you can Change various game Parameters in Pillars of Eternity. Yet most console controls are categorized as “cheats”, and also the control iroll20s needs to first be input in to the console to automatically trigger people.


WARNING: Activating the console cheats induces Accomplishments to become disabled for this match, perhaps not merely for your session. Though inputting iroll20s still another period or reloading a then generated save game will disable cheats, the accomplishments remain blocked unless your save game from before utilizing the control to your influenced drama through is preferred.

WARNING: utilizing console controls may possibly screw your game up.


Launch the console

For many computer keyboard designs the default option which opens the console Is preceding tab, into the remaining 1 main (e.g. ~ onto a US keyboard); or below, to the best of the L key (e.g. ö onto a keyboard).


To rebind the console essential, visit Options (by pressing Esc in case In-game) > Controls > Interface > Toggle Console, and then bind it into a own key of preference.


Note that following pressing the console essential, the Input key Has to be pressed until entering a control (and again to Input the control).

Note that after pressing the console key, the Enter key must be pressed before entering a command (and then again to input the command).


Hit the tilde (`) key to bring up the the text box and type “iroll20s” to unlock the console commands. (Note that doing so will disable steam achievements)



AddAbility playername nameofability Adds abilitys (Talents) to a specific player
AddItem itemname stackcountamount Adds items
AdvanceTimeByHour numberofhours Fast forwards time
AddExperience amount Gives Experiance
GivePlayerMoney amount Gives money
RemovePlayerMoney amount Removes money
AttributeScore playername attributename amount Sets base attribute score
Skill playername skillname amount Sets base skill score
SetTime timewanted Sets time (1 for 1am, 14 for 2 pm)

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