Meat & Prime Meat Jerky

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Meat & Prime Meat Jerky is just one of those Rockwell Recipes Present in Ark: Survival Evolved. This recipe transforms the beef to jerky, Which lasts much longer than ordinary beef. It’s also relatively simple to Produce, letting you save food a great deal more readily.

Meat & Prime Meat Jerky Recipe

In-Game Description:

While it might not taste as good as freshly cooked meat, jerky is just as nutritious and lasts much longer.

1/3 serving of meat (1 Cooked Meat or Cooked Prime Meat)
1/4 dollop of Oil (1 Oil)
Sprinkle With Sparkpowder (to dehydrate) (1 Sparkpowder)

Cook in a Preserving Bin.

This is easy. Just put one meat of any kind into the preserving bin along with one oil, and 1 spark powder. Give it some time and it will become Jerky of the appropriate type. You don’t have to be precise. I just keep a stack of Sparkpowder in the Preserving Bin, store all my meats in it, and toss in oil as I find it.

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