Dino Kibble Chart-Ark: Survival Evolved

To Be Able to tame Dinosaurs at the maximum amount possible, kibble was introduced. Kibble is created from the Cooking Pot.


Note to cellular users: Now you can scroll the dining table!



Dino Name Vegie Protein Liked by
Allosaurus Savroot Cooked Prime Meat Griffin, Tapejara
Ankylosaurus Savroot Cooked Prime Meat Carnotaurus
Araneo Rockarrot Cooked Prime Meat Carnotaurus
Archaeopteryx Longrass Cooked Fish Diplocaulus
Argentavis Citronal Cooked Prime Meat Spinosaurus
Baryonyx Savroot Raw Mutton Megalania
Brontosaurus Rockarrot Cooked Meat Jerky Sabertooth
Camelsaurus (Morellatops) Savroot Chitin Thorny Dragon
Carbonemys Rockarrot Cooked Prime Meat Brontosaurus
Carnotaurus Savroot Cooked Meat Direbear, Direwolf, Triceratops
Compy Citronal Cooked Fish Meat Kentrosaurus
Dilophosaur Citronal Cooked Meat Jerky Ankylo, Doedicurus, Pachy
Dimetrodon Citronal Cooked Meat Jerky Gallimimus
Dimorphodon Longrass Cooked Meat Megaloceros
Diplodocus Savroot Rare Flower Allosaurus
Dodo Rockarrot Cooked Meat Ichthy, Pteranodon, Mesopithecus
Gallimimus Savroot Cooked Meat Jerky Terror Bird, Castoroides
Ichthyornis Savroot Rare Flower Giant Bee
Iguanodon Rare Mushroom Cooked Prime Meat Daeodon
Kairuku Savroot Cooked Meat Angler
Kaprosuchus Savroot Cooked Prime Meat
Kentrosaurus Savroot Cooked Prime Meat
Lymantria Citronal Cooked Prime Meat
Lystrosaurus Rockarrot Cooked Meat x1 or
Cooked Prime Meat x1
Mantis Citronal Obsidian Rock Elemental
Megalania Giant Bee Honey Chitin Megatherium
Megalosaurus Rockarrot Cooked Prime Meat Therizinosaurus
Microraptor Longrass Cooked Prime Meat Iguanodon
Moschops Savroot Cooked Meat Jerky Purlovia
Oviraptor Longrass Cooked Prime Meat Megalosaurus
Pachy Citronal Cooked Meat Paracer
Pachy Citronal Cooked Meat Paracer
Pachyrhino Citronal Cooked Prime Fish Meat Ichthyornis, Pelagornis
Parasaur Longrass Cooked Meat Raptor
Pelagornis Citronal Chitin Archaeopteryx
Pteranodon Rockarrot Cooked Meat Jerky Carbonemys
Pulmonoscorpius Longrass Cooked Prime Meat Beelzebufo, Tyrannosaurus
Quetzalcoatlus Rockarrot Cooked Prime Meat Dimetrodon, Giganotosaurus, Mosasaurus
Raptor Longrass Cooked Prime Meat Mammoth
Sarco Rockarrot Cooked Prime Meat Stegosaurus
Spinosaur Citronal Cooked Prime Meat Megalodon
Stegosaurus Citronal Cooked Prime Meat Argentavis
Tapejara Rockarrot Cooked Prime Meat Kaprosuchus
Terror Bird Citronal Cooked Meat Woolly Rhino
Therizino Citronal Angler Gel Basilosaurus
Thorny Dragon Savroot Cooked Meat Jerky Lymantria
Titanoboa Longrass Cooked Meat Jerky Dunkleosteus, Gigantopithecus, Thyacoleo
Triceratops Savroot Cooked Meat Jerky Sarco
Troodon Savroot Rockarrot Equus
Tyrannosaurus Longrass Cooked Prime Meat Plesiosaur, Quetzalcoatlus
Vulture Longrass Cooked Meat Morellatops

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