Deep Sea Loot Crates

All These are the Maximum Amount “drops” from the game. Deep sea loot crates are situated round the map at the deepest areas of the sea for Your Isle map, in either the sea and also on the property (Volcano Island) around the middle map also located deeply within the bare desert in the outskirts of this scorched-earth map.


To be able to get such drops your personality has To become at degree 80, however, these crates will benefit players that accomplish this personalitydegree Challenge the sea/desert to see them.


Components Needless to Say scale substantially as another colored drops and Therefore the contents of them are on average higher end items/blueprints by having a heightened potential for those being Ascendant.


Whilst searching for the submerged deep sea loot Crates, it’s suggested to don a ski mask. This will cause the cage To exude a nearby red glow, which you could well not find if only swimming With no particular equipped.

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