Cheats in Saints Row IV

Back in Saints Row IV, Cheats are Clicked via the Hub under Extras > Cheats > Insert Cheat. Once included, they Can be found under category menus. Much like in Saints Row: The Third, cheats have been entered through a computer keyboard as opposed to a mobile keypad.

Allowing any cheat simplifies the Auto-save Work, in addition to Achievements/Trophies.

In Multi Player, the server has the option of denying gamers using Cheats.

The Executive Privilege Bundle adds cheats That Are Not Keyed in. By hand.


Cheat Codes

From the pause menu, go to “Extras” and then “Cheats.” Choose “Add Cheat” and enter the codes listed below. You won’t be able to earn trophies/achievements while you have cheats activated, and the game won’t auto-save, although you can still perform manual saves.

  • Unlock Everything – unlockitall
  • Get $100,000 – cheese
  • Weapons (alien RPG, automatic rifle, baseball bat, heavy pistol, heavy SMG, McManus 2020, and semi-auto shotgun) – letsrock
  • No Vehicle Damage – vroom
  • Repair Vehicle – repaircar
  • Clear Notoriety – goodygoody
  • Infinite Sprint – runfast
  • Disable Warden Spawns – nowardens
  • Instant Warden Notoriety – instantwarden
  • Blast – superblast
  • Buff – superbuff
  • Death From Above – superdfa
  • Stomp – superstomp
  • Telekinesis – supertk
  • Disable Super Movement – nosupermove
  • Disable Super Powers – nosuperpowers
  • Spawn Alien Hover Tank – givehovertank
  • Spawn XOR (Alien Hoverbike) – givetrouble
  • ASCII Mode – ascii
  • Big Heads – bigheadmode
  • Disable Glitch FX – noglitchcity
  • Evil Cars – evilcars
  • Fast Forward (time goes faster) – fastforward
  • Heaven Bound (dead bodies lift into the air) – fryhole
  • Insane City – insanecity
  • Mascots (pedestrians are mascots) – mascot
  • Pimps and Hos (pedestrians are pimps and prostitues) – hohoho
  • Vehicle Smash – isquishyou

You must unlock the following cheats in the game before you can use them:

  • Golden Gun (one-hit kills) – goldengun
  • Rated M++ (explosive deaths) – notrated
  • Slow Motion (time goes slower) – slowmo

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