ARK: Survival Evolved Update v265 Released With Tameable Titanoboas & Ragnarok Overhaul

ARK: Survival Evolved v265 has Only Started on PC, also it attracts the tameable Titanoboas Dino, a Lot of fresh host Choices And also a gigantic overhaul for your ownofficially modded Ragnarok map. Read the Entire patch notes below.



V265 Patch Notes

  • Tameable Titanoboas.
  • New Server Option: Force Respawn of Wild Dinos on Server Restart! Enabled by default on official servers, this will force weekly respawns of dinos on all servers to prevent certain dino types (like the Basilo and Spino) from becoming depopulated on long running servers. (?ServerAutoForceRespawnWildDinosInterval=SECONDS). Note in some cases this may not work more than once, we may have solved the case but we’re looking into it.
  • New Server Option: Tribe Size and Alliance Size Limits! The new tribe member limit is defaulted to 70 players and the new alliance per tribe limit is defaulted to 10 on official servers (MaxAlliancesPerTribe=# and MaxTribesPerAlliance=# in Game.ini). Note: Values may be off by 1 (looking into it!), so just pick your number and then add 1 to it.
  • Platform Saddles are now limited to maximum 40 saddles per tribe. Each platform saddle (with structures) counts as 19 tribe tame slots. (?PersonalTamedDinosSaddleStructureCost=19 & ?MaxPersonalTamedDinos=40).
  • 1/4 sized Ragnarok map update (the “Southwest Update”)
  • Eggs no longer fall through structures during rendering.
  • Baby Ovis should no longer fall through structures after being born.
  • Players can now escape being grappled by any enemy by using tools with blades to “cut” the line.
  • Turrets now have a Players-Only mode which targets players riding on dinos before targeting the dino.
  • Crops can now be fertilized be pressing E on them instead of having to open the inventory.
  • Hatching and Gestation progress bars now include countdown timers as well as percentages.
  • The structure limit is now properly indicated to the player once the limit is reached.
  • Storage boxes now indicate if they are full without having to open them.
  • Corrected spelling of Pulminoscorpius.
  • Pump action shotgun pellets per shot increased from 10 to 12 (20 percent damage increase on full hit), initial spread decreased from 10 to 7.5, and max cone size at full range decreased from 100 to 75 degrees.
  • Decreased the stun on humans from shocking tranq darts from five seconds to two seconds.
  • Fixed three exploits used to get under the world map.
  • When structures or tames are deleted due to the PVE timer expiring it is now properly communicated in the tribe log.
  • Huge perf gains, may vary based on system configuration due to upgrading to the latest Unreal Rendering code. After changing your in-game settings, be sure to restart your clients.

Ragnarok Southwest Update

  • Added new islands
  • Added new player spawns
  • Added new Wyvern area – Wyvern Coastal Trench
  • Added Patreon temple
  • Added more SE spawns (moshops jerboa moth)
  • Fixed scotland basalt cave exploit
  • Fixed several glitched lootdrops
  • Adjusted spawns of Spino and Giga
  • Several other bugfixes

For those who missed the memo on the Titanoboa, this existing dino is essentially very true to its name. It’s a large serpent that’s now tameable but not rideable. Its defining qualities include immunity to poisons and hunting with insects. The taming process is still being discovered, but designers have method involving luring the creature with fertilized eggs.


  • ARK: Survival Evolved Release Delayed To Aug. 29
  • ARK: Survival Evolved Release Date Revealed

ARK: Survival Evolved is available in Early Access on PC, Xbox One, PS4, OS X and Linux. It’s official release date is Aug. 29. A console version of this update will likely be dispatching soon.

What do you think of ARK update v265 so far? Are you impressed by its patch notes? Tell us in the comments section!

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