ARK: Survival Evolved – Taming a Mosa (Easy Way)

This is a quick, safe and easy way to knock out a wild Mosasaurus by getting it stuck.


A wild Mosasaur will just swim as much as a certain elevation. This Elevation is precisely the where the location “Deep Ocean” changes to the location “Underwater”. If it reaches such a elevation, such as by pursuing a player/tamed dinosaur or only by swimming, then it sheds all aggro and attempts to swim in to the “Deep Ocean”. But considering that the Mosa can be actually a significant dino using a massive turn radius, so it’s likely it has momentum takes it in the location “Underwater” for a quick quantity of time.


While being at the location “Underwater”, it won’t strike, aggro or flee if undergoing harm, it is only going to look to find the quickest method to return again to the location “Deep Ocean”. While hunting, it won’t float farther up also it is going to scarcely change guidelines.


Thus, theoretically, looking to obtain it stuck while it’s inside the location “Underwater” when it has batter out of pursuing some thing transported it may be a fantastic idea because while still being there, even the wild Mosasaur introduces no danger of players or even tamed dinos.


Obtaining it stuck can be a really economical, effective and secure solution with a taming pencil, as keypads do not work underwater and also a mosa can readily One Shot a high speed player, making this process very helpful for solo players or tiny tribes.




I recently discovered a wonderful spot to acquire yourself a wild Mosasaur stuck. It’s an alcove in One of those underwater-rocks close Herbievore Island in the map “The Island”.


Edit: It is also possible to get a crazy Mosa stuck at the stones in the trench Between Dead Island and the main property, however it’s harder and mightn’t Suggest doing this with out a powerful water bracket to obstruct the crazy Mosa in.


The alcove is just strong enough That the uncontrolled Mosa could be kited right alongside it. When it strikes the barrier between “Deep Ocean” along with “Underwater”, it is going to change and obtain directly stuck at the alcove.


Note I used my previously tamed Mosa to obstruct the crazy Mosa from the alcove even Farther, but I believe that it also works together with a Plesio, Megalodon and sometimes possibly a Dolphin (since it doesn’t strike) or else isn’t necessary at the first location. It is 100 percent Potential with a tamed Mosa; I was not assaulted once when used to do it.

Som pictures to illustrate:

The Rock containing the alcove from a distance with herbievore Island in the background.

Picture from the setup with unconscious wild Mosa (red) and tamed Mosa (white, saddled).

Coordinates and location on minimap (unofficial server with no mods).

Edit: This method also works for killing Alpha Mosas. Just get it stuck to avoid getting attacked.

Picture is me attacking an Alpha Mosa I managed to get stuck in the rocks in the trench between Dead Island and the main land.

Alpha Mosa stuck in the rocks at Herbivore Island.

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