ARK Survival Evolved: Gigantopithecus

Gigantopithecus is a famous giant ape Which Looks in ARK Survival Evolved. Domesticating this monster in addition to handling having its strikes are extremely tough and it’ll consider some skills to develop into good. It’s time to research the untamed lifetime span of this monster and learn more info concerning it!




After fur patch


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Even the Gigantopithecus is a close relative of this contemporary Orang utan. But it stands upright as a person but marginally taller, which makes it a powerful similarity to both Bigfoot or even the yeti.




With the Debut of this [[Snow Cave in Patch 237, a Variant of Gigantopithecus spawns interior called the Yeti. They’re untamable Apes that give you the Gigantopithecus Dossier when murdered (in case the player has Not yet acquired the Dossier from a typical Gigantopithecus), also so they Only spawn within the SnowCave in degrees upto 340. All these apes are barbarous, Terrifying creatures which may decimate any adventurers expecting to measure foot inside. Remain apparent in them, or utilize exceptionally strong firearms and weaponry to Slaughter them until they obtain their powerful hands!

Color Scheme and Regions


Region 4


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This section displays the Gigantopithecus’ natural colors and regions. For demonstration, the regions below are colored red over an albino Mammoth. The colored squares shown underneath each region’s description are the colors that the Mammoth will randomly spawn with to provide an overall range of its natural color scheme. Hover your cursor over a color to display its name and ID.


Region 0: Fur Mane



Region 1: Unknown

Region 1 is not used for this creature.


Region 2: Unknown

Region 2 is not used for this creature.


Region 3: Unknown

Region 3 is not used for this creature.


Region 4: Fur Accent



Region 5: Skin




Taming of the Giganthopithecus is through non-violent means, similar to that of the Ichthyosaurus. Using Berries in the last slot of the hotbar Giganthopithecus can be tamed over time, by running up to him and press “e”. Although you feed it, the wild beast might change his mind while taming and may attack you. This can be avoided by staying out of his sight radius, which forms a cone infront of its face. It is advised that a flying mount is used so that if agro’d the player may fly far enough into the sky to break agro and then return and continue the tame.





Giganthopithecus will roam if enabled and pick fiber for the player. Not requiring a saddle, a player can ride this mount on the shoulders and be thrown to high vantages. The Giganthopithecus does possess a headslot and can be equipped with headgear, notably the Rex Skull Skin on any headgear.


The dossier was revealed on June 24, 2015

First known creature to harvest fiber.

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