ark silica pearls

Silica Pearls are a rare resource in Ark which are employed for advanced level crafting. They’re entirely on the rocky sea floor or as rare falls from Trilobites. When present from the sea they’re chosen yourself. What Not to Do



Trilobites & Underwater Caves (The Island)

span: Long, Difficulty: Variable, Yield: Low


if you would like to torture yourself, then you also can try out the extended procedures of hunting trilobites and scouring underwater caves. Trilobites are available periodically on the shore (and much more inclined submerged on the ocean floor), whilst the underwater caves have pearl falls indoors. I don’t actually suggest farming pearls at either of the manners, because trilobites are not enough and far between this tiny number of pearls — and also underwater caves are no walk at the park.



The Easy Way



Beaver Dams (The Isle)

Length: Moderate, Difficulty: Easy, Yield: Moderate


For all those survivors who just require a couple pearls Every now and then, often there is the beaver dams. The beaver dams (or, Really, Castoroides dam) while relatively recent in contrast to lots of Ark’s Other characteristics have grown to be more mainstay as a result of their own prized resource Drops.


Cementing glue, rare blossoms, and a Lot of timber Accompany modest heaps of silica pearls at beaver dams. The trick is locating Them, because merely a couple stains on the map permit beaver spawns players may Hinder/block those stains together with hunting and building. Tired mad beavers, that Will strike you as soon as that you touch your own dam.


For the areas of All of the beaver dams at ARK, Check the hints here: How to Find Beaver Dams in ARK.

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