ark leech

Leeches Are a monster which are observed round the Sawmp lands in ARK:Survival Evolved. They’ll attach themselves to yourself or your own dinos, inducing one to experiecne a slow decrease in your own stats.




Certainly One of the very disgusting animals that occupies the island Is Haementeria laetus, a leech that develops provided that the male’s arm. A bloodstream clots, the soft-bodied monster earnestly seeks out hosts from the swamps it requires home, hammering itself with fluttering fins and latching on with a mouth filled with sharp rasping tooth.


From the uncontrolled, leeches would be the Principal vector for a Debilitating illness popularly called swamp fever.




  • The Dossier was revealed on February 8th, 2016.
  • In The Center, Leeches are more commonly found in deep water that the player can submerge him or herself in.

Trivia not relevant for the game

  • The Leech’s genus, Haementeria, refers to a modern genus of leeches which includes the Amazon Giant Leech, which can grow up to 17 inches.

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