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The Beacon or Supply Crate Are All Caches of arbitrary resources or gear provided occasionally by the Ark..




Beacons spawn in Set places, even though their density fluctuates between places, with increased dangerous or difficult to obtain are as usually reported for more distribution drops. Even a beacon spawn point will exude beacons of probable colours, together with higher-level colors being warmer than lesser degrees; beacons will quit spawning when your structure is set too close.


Whenever a beacon Initial four-poster, a large, searchable net of lights is observable at the exact top. This also signals that the source cage have not yet reached the floor. The distribution crate is going to have a short while to descend; by the space it is considered a glowing orb moving the beacon, while upward close the form of the true crate might be viewed. After the supply cage strikes the bottom, the interrelated web of lights round the beacon evaporates, and also the beacon looks as a marginally shorter spire of lighting that tapers towards the surface. The source cage drops together with 100 health insurance and slowly decays as time passes, and pops apart if its health reaches 0 if it’s looted by means of a new player. The cage’s wellbeing doesn’t have any bearing over the loot found indoors.


Even though Quite useful, you can find numerous hazards related to beacons. It’s not a good idea to stand directly from the ray of light whilst the source cage stinks as when it strikes the ball player, the gamer drops through the earth into water, and also drowns or has to float into the ocean so as to flee (This type of insect, present at the time of v.186). In addition, a beacon lights that the nearby area glaringly, also this light fades unexpectedly whenever the source cage is looted or de-spawns, potentially leaving a new player who’d depended upon this particular light disoriented or blind. At length, beacons around PvP servers draw additional players, who’ll generally fight eachother to your cage’s contents.


A few beacon spawn Points are water and also the gamer needs to tread water into loot the crate. The others have been blocked by trees. Supply crates goes through trees to property on the soil, but some crates might not be accessible as a result of, as an instance, spawning within a very steep incline (including the stones by the Obelisks).


Supply crates Can’t be discharged by a person whose degree is significantly lower compared to beacon’s.


Beacon Colors and Levels


Beacons are mentioned By a sizable glowing beacon suggesting where the shed is going to be routed. Once the Beacon looks a drop will slowly descend. Each colour signifies the mandatory Amount to start the beacon. Additionally, There Are Loot Crates in temples which follow a Similar colour and degree strategy to Beacons and also deep-sea Loot Crates which have 1 top excellent thing or layout.

  • White/Prismatic – Level 3
  • Green – Level 15
  • Blue – Level 25
  • Purple – Level 35
  • Yellow – Level 45
  • Red – Level 60
  • Deep Sea – Level 80

Possible Loot


Thatch Structure: 3 Thatch Wall, 1 Thatch Foundation 1, 1 Thatch Doorframe, 1 Thatch Door, 1 Thatch Roof.

Cloth Outfit: Cloth Shirt, Cloth Pants, Cloth Hat, Cloth Gloves, Cloth Boots.

Mixture of the following Items:
Raw Meat, Hide, Berries, Wood, Stone, Thatch, Flint, Simple Bed, Hide Sleeping bag, Flare Gun, Stone Pick, Stone Hatchet, Slingshot, Spear, Phiomia Saddle. Blueprints:
Thatch Structures, Phiomia Saddle, Cloth Outfit, Torch, Note.


4-5 Random Wood structure components:
Wooden Wall 3
Wooden Foundation 1
Wooden Doorframe 1
Wooden Door 1
Wooden Roof 1
Wooden Ladder
Wooden Hatchframe
Wooden Trapdoor
Wooden Ramp 1
Wooden Catwalk 1
Wooden Wall Sign
Wooden Sign
Wooden Billboard

Hide Outfit: Hide Shirt, Hide Pants, Hide Chest, Hide Gloves, Hide Boots.

Mixture of the following Items:
Raw Meat, Hide, Berries, Wood, Stone, Thatch, Flint, Hide Sleeping bag, Flare Gun, Spyglass, Bow Stone Arrow, Tranquilizer Arrow, Paintbrush, Cooking Pot, Mortar And Pestle, Storage Box, Narcotic, Sparkpowder, Small Crop Plot, Stone Irrigation Pipe – Straight, Stone Irrigation Pipe – Tap, Stone Irrigation Pipe – Intersection, Stone Irrigation Pipe – Inclined, Stone Irrigation Pipe – Vertical, Compost Bin, Simple Bed

Wooden Structures, Stone Irrigation Pipes, Trike Saddle, Phiomia Saddle, Parasaur Saddle, Raptor Saddle, Hide Outfit


Metal Structure: 3 Metal Walls, 1 Metal Foundation, 1 Metal Doorframe, 1 Metal Door, 1 Metal Ceiling.

Chitin Outfit: Chitin Chestpiece, Chitin Leggings, Chitin Helmet, Chitin Gauntlets, Chitin Boots

Mixture of the following Items:
Raw Meat, Hide, Berries, Wood, Stone, Thatch, Flint, Metal Pick, Metal Hatchet, Carbonemys Saddle, Pulmonoscorpius Saddle, Ichthyosaurus Saddle Blueprints:
Metal Structures, Water Jar, Chitin Armor, Medium Crop Plot, Compass, Metal Hatchet, Metal Pick, Pulmonoscorpius Saddle, Stego Saddle, Smithy, Pike, Refining Forge, Metal Sign.


Chitin Outfit: Chitin Chestpiece, Chitin Helmet, Chitin Leggings, Chitin Gloves, Chitin Boots.

Mixture of the following Items:
Grenade, Simple Pistol, Scope Attachment, Flashlight Attachment, Silencer Attachment

Ankylo Saddle, Mammoth Saddle, Pteranodon Saddle, Carbonemys Saddle, Stego Saddle

Water Jar , Metal Irrigation Pipe – Intersection, Chitin Armor, Mammoth Saddle, Stegosaurus Saddle, Ankylosaurus Saddle, Sarco Saddle, Simple Rifle Ammo, Simple Bullet, Smithy.


Flak Outfit: Flak Chestpiece Flak Chestpiece, Flak Leggings, Flak Helmet, Flak Gauntlets, Flak Boots

Mixture of the following Items:
Fabricated Pistol, Longneck Rifle, Carno Saddle, Ankylo Saddle, Pulmonoscorpius Saddle, Megalodon Saddle, Mammoth Saddle, Water Jar, GPS, Inclined Electrical cable, Straight Electrical Cable, Electrical Outlet, Electrical Cable Intersection, Vertical Electrical Cable, Large Crop Plot Blueprints:
Metal Structures, Flak Armor, Electrical Generator, Large Crop Plot, GPS, Water Jar, Advanced Bullet, Ramshackle Longneck, Ramshackle Shotgun, Ramshackle Pulmonoscorpius Saddle, Ramshackle Carno Saddle, Ramshackle Sabertooth Saddle, Megalodon Saddle.


Mixture of the following Items:
Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Scope Attachment, Flashlight Attachment, Laser Attachment, C4 Charge, C4 Remote Detonator, Bronto Saddle, Argentavis Saddle, Rex Saddle, Spino Saddle, Plesiosaur Saddle

C4 Remote, Compass, Ramshackle Carno Saddle, Ramshackle Flak Gauntlets, Auto Turret, C4 Charge, Heavy Miner’s Helmet, Holo-Scope Attachment, Behemoth Gate, Behemoth Gateway, Metal Catwalk, Ramshackle Argentavis Saddle, Ramshackle Pteranodon, Water Jar, Medium Crop Plot, Simple Pistol, Improvised Explosive Device.

Deep Sea

Known Issues

  • Supply crates are able to, on occasion, clip through structures that are in the way.
  • Be careful while standing under a supply crate as it can push you through the ground.
  • Drop rate for compass, medium crop plot, and water jar blueprints is excessively high (approximately 80-90%) for blue, purple, and yellow drops. Due to this, they are far less valuable to those who are hunting for them and the items in them. Many players won’t bother looking for these beacons, because that’s often times all there is to be found in them.

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