ark auto turret

A new turret is going to be introduced into ARK: SE. The new turret is going to soon be described as a bigger, beefier turret, permitting men and women who require that harm frequency. This turret will probably soon be stronger. The programmers are planning for roughly a 4x increase in overall efficacy. The price will probably even observe a growth. The turrets will soon be disabled and prohibited to be employed on boats/rafts.

Here is a few reason why the developers feel that it is a good idea for the turrets to be added:

  • Conveys the power of the new turret clearly without needing to add any new functionality to anything else.
  • It doesn’t create a sudden need to change the balance/functionality of existing turrets in any way, and thus rebalance all sorts of other stuff that could potentially break.
  • Existing turrets don’t get a sudden, massive buff.
  • The developers can scale the cost/maintenance/upkeep of the new structure without inconveniencing everyone who isn’t pushing these upper limits.
  • If they need to introduce any specific kinds of modifications to this new turret, the developers can do it without impacting anything else.


The developers are collating feedback to develop a better sense of what the game will need along with the addition of the new turret. Here are a few things that are to be looked at for now, but we can expect another post sometime before December 5th:

  • Stego Armor Plates are going to have to block less damage from either bullets, or turrets specifically
  • Veggie Cakes may need a more prohibitive delay on their use in combat.
  • Adding knockback to either the new turret, or both new and existing turret to offset specific movement speed + shield + rocket/c4 configurations may be in order.

We do a lot to make the game operate As easily as you can, while allowing the type of free form, openworld Experience the game was developed to be.

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