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First attempted by Wildcatter’s, the 7mm08 relies only about the .308 Winchester case necked down to 7mm. The initial wild-cat was employed by both hunters and target shooters, gaining more attention within the prospective shooting stadium. Predicated on celebrity, Remington officially embraced the capsule in 1980 without the adjustments to the wild-cat design or name.


After its official debut earnings of 7mm08 rifles had been small however certainly not a massive success. It wasn’t till the mid to late 1990’s, the start of the ultra-lightweight rifle tendency, which the 7mm08 turned into a focus for the two seekers and hunters. Since 2000, the 7mm08 has jumped into popularity. The capsule can be marketed by retailers since using light recoil nonetheless high downrange energies while being accessible light-weight gun platforms.


The 7mm08 can also be enjoyed by way of a new type of western woman, broadly, by people who have great work assignments and time at hands practice or load shooting and hunting high recoiling rifles. The capsule is encouraged through a plentiful assortment of full pressure nonetheless light powered mill ammunition, ideally suitable for moderate game searching for.


In contest circles that the 7mm08 has lost a good deal of earth into the 6.5’s. Even though the 6.5 bore has got the capability to generate exemplary exterior ballistics along with minimal recoil, caliber selection for game shooting has been always will be both effected by fashion styles and abstract experience.




The 7mm08 is usually marketed as with a flatter trajectory compared to the parent .308 whilst producing less recoil. Regrettably it’s simple to choose the above mentioned opinion from context. Much like the 7mm08, the .308 is laden with a selection of high B-C projectiles that produce desired trajectories and are both tremendously valuable cartridges. The .308 is a little more elastic by which a thick bullet is necessary or desired to use on large creatures. Together with 140 grain hunting snakes that the 7mm08 is more economical shooting compared to the .308 filled with 150 grain appearing snakes, demonstrating a plus as a milder moderate game hunting weapon when using mill loaded ammunition.


Certainly one of the maximum traps concerning the 7mm08 has really been a selection of light weight gun designs which create often excruciating recoil, recoil like that of a typical body weight .300 Magnum. A lot of seekers ‘ are now ‘putting up with’ the recoil of their 7mm08 without comprehending what they’ve been undergoing is unnecessary.


Broadly , most present mill 140 grain 7mm08 batch reach 2800-2840fps out of 22″ barrels. Killing performance has a tendency to replicate that the 6.5×55. At close ranges, wounding on moderate game is kills and broad have become fast. At ranges beyond 150 yards, even as speed drops under 2600fps, kills might be postponed. On creatures that are tough, kills can be so slow as to allow creatures to flee fantastic spaces.


In the a fore mentioned ranges outside 150 yards and utilizing mill 140 grain ammunition, then the hunter should make an effort to crack the foreleg bones of the match. Both back neck and lung shots from assorted brands of 7mm08 ammunition frequently end in rather slow murdering at long ranges. With attention to shooter positioning, the 7mm08 gives exceptional outcomes and also like the 6.5×55, it’s so quick to become lulled into a false feeling of security. It’s thus not unusual to own a whole series of successes followed closely through an abysmal collapse later disregarding the aforementioned shot positioning.


Together with lots of 140 grain 7mm08 mill tons, penetration is inferior on demanding moderate game. To a point, both expectations and demand of those 7mm08 are therefore high which ammunition manufacturers are requested to generate the hopeless. Like a compromise, to advertise fast murdering at ranges of 200 to 400 yards, heaps are intended to generate explosive wounding to its speediest potential kills in the place of profound penetration and depart wounding on demanding game. Hunters must hence establish realistic expectations of mill ammunition overall performance.


With hand heaps, the hunter comes with a massive variety of alternatives and may tailor made loads to match a number of situations. By the common 2-2″ barreled production athletic rifles, velocities to get 140 grain heaps usually are approximately 2800-2840fps, roughly 80fps slower-than the 7×57 as a result of this gap from conventional diameter spans. Even the 140 grain bullets shed speed fast and outside 150 metres, the ramifications of various bullet designs be much more conspicuous.


Weightier 154-162 grain 7mm bullets frequently create the most consistent benefits from the 7mm08 across an extensive assortment of match human body ranges and weights. The sole disadvantage of this strategy is that at a theoretical stage, the decrease speed of an 154-162 grain bullet generally seems to go contrary to what seekers have striven towards to the past 100 years – high-speed for an easy method to generate killing.


Each cartridge includes its very own performance parameters and having a diminished, yet high B-C bullet at the 7mm08 will not whatsoever remove killing limit or power trajectory in this capsule’s existing limits. Thisis not exactly the very same theory since the slowmoving thick bullet clinic comparative to big bore operation or 20th-century ballistics theory. Rather, it’s only a way of employing existing bullet layouts, specially the slick, tender 162 grain A Max. Even the A Max permits the hunter mistake with shot positioning at long ranges as back lung wounds usually are so acute that match can’t go far once struck. At precisely the exact same period, speed from the 7mm08 is really mild as not to bring about shallow penetration using pointblank range reconciliation shots.


Factory Ammunition


Even though Remington embraced the 7mm08 because their very own, the corporation have produced some rather poor acting 7mm08 ammunition within the previous couple of decades. Luckily, as a result of intense rivalry, modern heaps are way stronger than previously. Present-day loads incorporate the 120 grain hollowpoint at 3000fps, the 140 grain Core-Lokt in 2860fps and the 140 grain Accutip, additionally at 2860fps.


Remington’s 120 grain hollowpoint is created for varmint hunting however is sufficient for match since significant as 40kg (90lb). The 140 grain Core-Lokt load comes with a history that is tainted. Initial velocities with this particular load were rather low and generated bad instance neck to room obturation together side excess powder at the throat and neck of rifles. The compacted powder residue raised worries while ruining accuracy. Velo City was at your community of both 2650 to 2750fps sufficient reason for the exceptionally inadequate B-C of all .390, the Core-Lokt load failed to run into the publicized assert which the 7mm08 produced superior ballistics into the .308.


The existing 140 grain Core-Lokt load reaches a speed of approximately 2800fps in 2-2″ barrels, slightly but insignificantly lower compared to 24″ test barrel velocities. While its B-C maybe inferior, performance out on game to medium ranges is exceptional. For seekers that seldom take shots beyond 200 metres, the Core-Lokt is cheap yet impressive, producing both extensive black and fairly profound penetration with minimal probability of coat core break.


The now introduced 140 grain Accutip is dissimilar to some prior Remington loadings. Remington chose an endeavor to guarantee that this load achieved maximum velocities together with desired longer scope performance. The sole disadvantage is that load is horribly costly for U.S hunters, aside from export states by which one package of Accutip ammunition may cost just like a weeks groceries for one person.


At close ranges, the Accutip (that will be probably a re branded SST), produces hugely traumatic wounding on moderate game. This isn’t an Elk bullet, even doing its very best focus with up all game to weights of approximately 80kg (180lb). Penetration is reasonable in closing ranges but kept bullet weights are normally below 50 percent. At longer ranges, the Accutip may suffer coat core disturbance but in such ranges (250 metres and outside), this behaviour isn’t normally detrimental to scratching whilst the bullet objects are big and fatal. From a speed of 2840fps, the Accutip does its very best work in 250 yards (2400fps). Beyond that range the bullet design and power of this 7mm08 limit wounding even though kills are typically sterile, even though stalled. Performance is reduced farther at 375 meters or 2200fps.


Federal have gotten supporting the 7mm08 in the past few years today create several helpful loads. Included in these are the 140 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip in 2800fps, the 140 grain Accubond in 2800fps, the 140 grain host in 2800fps, the 140 grain Barnes TSX in 2820fps, the 140 grain Fusion in 2800fps last but not least, that the 150 grain Speer Hotcor in 2650fps. For unknown factors, each one those heaps achieve velocities faster compared to the aforementioned specifications no matter actual fact that each were developed at a 24″ test barrel. From average 2-2″ barreled sporting rifles, Federal’s 140 grain heaps reach 2840fps as the Hotcor reaches a superb 2750fps. N one offer excessive pressure and have the possibility to generate outstanding accuracy in appropriately tuned rifles.


The 140 grain Ballistic hint isalso, as may be expected, a generalpurpose open country load. Wounding is violent and extensive at closer ranges, so killing is blank however in no manner spectacular. For bigger species of white-tail and other match of this magnitude, the BT can be a ‘decent’ celebrity outside to ranges of 350 metres. But on small but-tough creatures such as cows, the BT could be somewhat shallow penetrating and penetrating restricted to the power with this particular cartridge. It needs to be noticed that Nosler’s initial ideal bullet design was that the Partition, the good base and after the Ballistic Hint intended to match trends, as opposed to performance orientation.


The Accubond is just another modest celebrity producing wide internal wounding and tidy killing however using relatively profound penetration. Hunters must perhaps not expect tremendously heavy penetration with this particular bullet as it includes a rather lower SD. As a moderate game bullet, the AB can be still a fantastic allrounder.


Even the 140 grain 7mm Partition is substantially enjoy the Accubond, either produce an extensive wound no matter attention towards optimal controlled expansion over each design. Again, a very low SD as being a consequence of this 140 grain 7mm bullet burden dictates that for optimal performance, both the Partition and Accubond perform their very best focus with game weighing around 80kg (180lb). Both bullets are sufficient for match upto 150kg (330lb) however this burden needs to be thought of as a maximum. Even the Accubond and Partition frequently produce surprisingly superior performance at lower velocities of either 2200fps or even 300350 yards providing game aren’t that thin.


The stoutest bullets at the Federal lineup of compost would be the 140 grain Barnes TSX and the 140 grain Fusion loading. The Fusion bullet can be really a really strange, nearly hurried layout. At closing ranges up on impact, the Fusion will frequently don’t impart some action of hydrostatic shock and match could seem quite jarring by in a position shots. After effect on moderate match, the bullet grows, produces a quite ordinary wound station (like some other 7mm 140 grain bullets) while wearing until almost no is left of their first projectile. The broken fragments are normally small, frequently less than 1mm (40 thou) in diameter.) For the conclusion, the Fusion is a speedy killing or profound penetrating projectile.


Even the 140 grain TSX is definitely a heavy penetrating projectile, in a position to bring a 1200lb creature broadside, even though, this type of clinic ought to be viewed unethical because of the small width of the wound. None the less, this bullet would be your very best option from the 7mm08 for demanding game considering between 90 and also 320kg (200-700lb).


On milder moderate match, the TSX is really a touch too stout for most work. This doesn’t follow that the Barnes doesn’t readily extend, to the contrary, but wounding through vitals is best. The one issue with this projectile on milder game is the fact that the injury will not occur instantly upon during or impact departure wounding. Kills at impact velocities below 2600fps and notably underneath 2400fps might be exceedingly slow as a outcome. In the event the TSX will be still employed on milder moderate match, then bullets should really be set to break big bones as well as locomotive muscles to be able to affect instant incapacitation.


Federal’s heavyweight reduction to the 7mm08 uses a proprietary 150 grain Speer Hotcor bullet using a cannelure, a design feature that isn’t normally readily available at hands loaders. That really is just one very great moderate game loading. The Speer opens fast on sway, produces an extensive wound channel until expansion is detained by the cannelure. Penetration is a bit greater than the Fusion load that costs double the price tag on the funding Brand-Ed Hotcor loading and is currently on par with all an Partition and Accubond loads.


Winchester produce two heaps for its 7mm08, the 140 grain power-point in 2800fps and the 140 grain Ballistic Silvertip in 2770fps. Both are modest celebrities offering rapid expansion but constrained consciousness.


Hornady now list two Superformance tons. Included in these are the 139 grain SST in 2950fps and the 139 grain GMX in 2910fps. Much like the prior Light Magnum loadings, the Superformance ammunition supplies ‘true to promoted’ velocities in 2 4″ barrels. As is nearly always the situation, shorter barrels lose 35fps a inch of diameter removed. In conventional 2-2″ sporter barrels, the SST in 2890 is slightly faster than Federal heaps and marginally faster than could normally be performed with hand heaps.


The 139 grain SST is quite hardhitting outside to 250 metres (2400fps), producing an extensive, savage wound. Penetration is pretty great at impact velocities above 2600fps (150 metres) due into this swaging/forming of a conical Shrimp, though the 139 grain SST is inappropriate for tail shots onto light-bodied match. At longer ranges, the 7mm 139 grain SST projectile is more likely to suffer coat core separation nevertheless cross platform body and quartering wounding is typically more than sufficient. Even the GMX isalso, just like the Barnes TSX, better suitable for warmer animals over 90kg (200lb) as compared to most around usage, only due to light match, despite the fact that wounding could be extensive, the delay at killing may cause trouble monitoring dead game.

Hand Loading

The 7mm08 is frequently compared with all the initial 7×57 in regards to that can be the stronger of both of these mid-range cartridges. Some seekers have introduced the question “was there some demand for your own 7mm08?” . The 7×57 features a more instance with a more neck compared to 7mm08. Rifles chambered at 7×57 have a more complimentary bore and more magazines in relation to the 7mm08, adding versatility when utilizing 160 to 180 grain bullets. Having said that, the 7mm08 uses the human anatomy strain and total efficacy of their parent .308 Winchester cartridge. For the conclusion, variations in individual rifles close the openings between the 7mm08 and 7×57 greatly and it isn’t unusual to get 2-2″ barreled 7mm08 rifles to replicate different 2 4″ barreled 7×57 rifles as may happen vice versa. If you were to essentially push the purpose, the .284 Winchester is stronger than and also more the underdog when there was a trophy for the many worth acclaim.


The 7mm08 gives best results using exactly the exact very same powders used from the 7×57, Varget (A-di 2208) is best suited using 120 to 140 grain bullets whereas the 4350 burn up powders perform well with heavier bullets or long barrels Realistic velocities out of the 2-2″ sporter are 3050fps using 120 grain bullets, 2850fps using 140 grain fragments, between 2750fps using 150 grain bullets, 2650fps together with 160-162 grain cows, 2550-2600fps with the 168 grain Berger VLD along with 2450fps together with 175-180 grain cows.


1 interesting element is that most Federal mill loads reach higher velocities out of 2-2″ athletic barrels, instead compared to velocities achieved in many different reloading guides. As always, experimentation will be critical towards developing high-speed together with acceptable pressure and superb accuracy.


Competition shooters generally embrace barrel spans around 32″ to your 7mm08. With slow burning creams, speed profits between 22″ and 28″ are broadly speaking 35fps to get a capsule with the capacity. Long range seekers may even sometimes embrace long barreled rifles chambered at 7mm08 and in doing this, recoil is low at exceptionally low ranges.


On account of the simple fact both the 7mm08 and 7×57 are really much like potential velocities, all Freestyle element bullet performance was discussed at the 7×57 text. To recap; the 120 grain burden is ideal for this most ignorant of match species (under 40gk/70lb) as a result of limited penetration. Many 139/140 grain 7mm bullets produce good, although not outstanding operation. Of today’s 140 grain layouts, the 140 grain Hornady SST could be really the most striking killer on milder weight moderate match, both the Hornady InterBond and Nosler Accubond have high B C’s, but provide deeper penetration compared to SST and certainly will be marginally more efficient on medium-sized yet challenging game.


The 150 to 154 grain weight might be quite powerful from the 7mm08 when applied to game weighing approximately 90kg (200lb) outside to medium ranges. The 150 grain Nosler Partition can be a superb moderate game killer. For individuals desiring higher downrange contrasts via high B C’s, the 154 grain SST/InterBond combination work exceptionally well together, the SST performing better in impact velocities of between 2600fps into 2200fps, the InterBond acting well at forests ranges. The 154 grain SST is significantly exceptional in its capacity to generate broad alveolar if major bones have been struck impact velocities below 1800fps but it might be tricky to make sure a bone attack higher winds in long ranges.


The 160-162 grain weight is very helpful in the 7mm08 providing bullet structure is paired into match weights. The 162 grain Hornady A Max is a exceptionally useful allround nose, doing nicely at both long and close ranges in light to moderate weight match. Tougher projectiles just like the out standing 160 grain Nosler Partition and Accubond projectiles perform their very best focus with large moderate game like Elk, at near medium ranges.


For demanding game considering involving 150 (330lb) and also 320kg (700lb), both the 140 and 150 grain Barnes TSX projectiles generate a superb mixture of extensive wounding versus profound penetration at the light sevens. The 160 and 175 grain Barnes TSX projectiles produce excessively deep penetration but limited wounding capacity at 7mm08 velocities and so are ideal for this greatest of match, above 450kg (1000lb). Even the 7mm08 and 7×57 aren’t specially ideal for use in large, heavy match as a result of narrow torso key wounding, aside from profound penetration. Because of this, even though using a challenging bullet just like the TSX or solid, neck or headshots on large match are always the very humane way of killing.


Closing Opinions


Even the 7mm08 has seen a massive increase in recognition, you start with the tendency towards ultra-light rifles from the mid to late 1990’s, growing farther with the meltdown of this U.S land market in 2006, signaling the start of the international downturn of 2007-2010. Even though the 7mmWSM might have shrunk the 7mm08 off industry quite a while past, mill ammunition to the 7mm08 was substantially more economical to acquire throughout the recent net financial issues. The issue of ammunition breaking was additionally compounded by China’s demand for raw materials, resulting in a dramatic growth in metal costs in 2005 onwards.


In terms of the lightweight gun fad, the 7mm08 has been for a period that the most accepted lightweight power rifle chambering for seekers who increased into the highest, most damaging peaks seeking playoff sport. Now, the more expensive magnums are getting more acceptable to such predators because of advances in technology such as ballistics applications, allowing wider range shooting. None the less, the 7mm08 keeps a range of fans, most having searched with this specific cartridge for the majority of these hunting careers. Even the 7mm08 is really a capsule which functions both youngsters and adults well, is light to take platforms that are suitable and is excellent for a huge assortment of applications.


Suggested loads: 7mm 08 Barrel length: 22”
No ID Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficient Observed  MV Fps ME
1 FL Fed 140gr Accubond .248 .485 2800 2437
2 FL Fed 150gr Hotcor .266 .413 2750 2518


Suggested sight settings and bullet paths
1 Yards 100 150 252 292 325 350 375 400
Bt. path +3 +3.5 0 -3 -6.5 -9.5 -13 -17
2 Yards 100 125 242 280 325 350 375 400
Bt. path +3 +3.4 0 -3 -8 -11.5 -15.5 -20


No At yards 10mphXwind Velocity Ft-lb’s
1 300 6.4 2260 1587
2 300 7.9 2129 1509


Imperial Metric
A .473 12.01
B .470 11.94
C 20 deg
D .454 11.53
E .315 8.00
F 1.56 39.62
G .284 7.21
H 2.035 51.7
Max Case 2.035 51.7
Trim length 2.025 51.4

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